The QOS Server Series

The QOS – Quiet On Set – servers are RAID systems focused on getting intelligent design and quality into a compact product that can be moved around easily and be flexibly used in just about any environment. QOS Server products provide greater return on investment by extending their usefulness in the field, on location, and on-set.QOS Servers take advantage of multi-core processing for higher perormance than competing hardware and software RAID products.

The advanced reconstruction features of the QOS allow it to maintain optimum speed by effectively zoning out under-performing drives and bad sectors. Speed is maximized by support for the latest enhancement features such as new 16Gb Fibre Channel, 10GbE and iSCSI. The hard drive enclosure is mounted on pegs that absorb the shocks and bumps that sometimes occur when shipping or moving equipment in the field. The case is also extremely quiet, which makes it suitable for working in noise sensitive areas.

  • Are you connected to a production company that produces Episodic TV, Virtual Reality capture and preview as well as shared editorial architecture that requires on-set and near-set sharing of high–speed storage for your RAW high-resolution files for trans-coding and real-time play-back? Are you a small or large post-production facility that works with Avid, Adobe and FC and you require Bin-locking and file sharing software for your editorial team? Do you work in a company that is involved in 3D, VR and require high-speed renders and outputs and deliver for 1, 2, and 4K projects? Be ready for the demands of harsh mobile field production and high-speed environments with ADDIT from QOS Server.


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