The QOS ARWHS Hot-Swap Mag System is built for mobile extreme high-speed EDFF data movement supported hot-swap data applications. Applications like the ARRI LF mini, loading/offloading of media rich data, W/R dailies, transcoding and encoding, VFX shuttling, and bulletproof streaming and playback of 2/4/8/12k files.

QOS ARWHS Hot-Swap Mag System:

  • QOS ARWHS Mag (1TB) 6,000MB/s R/W
  • QOS ARWHS Mag (1TB) 6,000MB/s R/W

Data is the building block of the communication industry. The security and the speed that data can move across platforms and networks requires a stable, supper high-seed read/write portable hot-swap storage system that fuels and supports every aspect of modern production. The QOS ARWHS Hot-Swap Mag SystemTM fits squarely into these applications. Finally a hot-swap system that supports workflows requiring multiple streams of RAW 2/4/8K playback and processing of media rich data for the ever-changing M&E and data industry. The QOS ARWHS Hot-Swap Mag SystemTM is an independent PCIe GEN-4 platform that can continue to grow with applications such as: on-board high-frame-rate and high-resolution professional digital camera capture, on-set processing of dailies, editorial and finishing. ARWS also allows hot-swap portable and physical movement of data that bypasses networks, which is an important option for some industries and applications.

At the centre of the QOS ARWS Hot-Swap Mag System is a very simple concept. It’s designed to help simplify and navigate the complex world of high-speed data storage and movement. The system is cost-effective, secure, portable, with hot-swappable capabilities and lighting-fast deployment.

Customizable ARWHS Turnkey Workstation that comes complete with a 32 core/64 thread 4.2GHZ Max Boost liquid-cooled AMD CPU, PCIe GEN- 4, 2X RTX 2080TI GPU’s and 128GB RAM making it the lowest cost to core ratio workstation on the market. This super workstation is incredibly flexible and capable of working with industry-leading editorial, VFX and Dailies software making it a leader in the post-production industry. Our chassis provides efficient and quiet airflow for a cool, stable platform even under heavy workloads.

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