VER, a worldwide productions equipment rental house, provides solutions that enable thier clients to do amazing things with thier large inventory of rental equipment. So, when a visual effects job like DISNEY’s 3D feature “JUNGLE BOOK” called for the throughput required for such a 4K productions project, they relied on a QOS 24 Bay SSD SERVER for their DIT cart, allowing them to do high-speed transfers and dailies in high resolution.

They also used a different but similar system, the QOS 32 HDD Server, on the shoot for last year’s Kentucky Derby race, where many cameras were used simultaneously, requiring a lot of data to be ingested.

The main benefit (of using the QOS servers) was SPEED. We had no huge problems, and we used their servers on a couple of different projects. I was also very happy with the support they provided. The QOS team is definitely a hands-on team willing to do anything to get the job done.

-Randy Reck
Former VER Project Manager

Transposition Films

Transposition Films is a production company that produces faith-based television and documentaries. They purchased the QOS 16 BAY SERVER, which provides storage for transcoding, Avid, and FC editing, as well as outputs and conforms. Used for their series of interactive film sessions, “Alpha”, it provides the necessary server storage for RAW files and Avid offline, as well as conforming to output the final production.

QOS had the perfect solution for us. We purchased a server for a multi-editor documentary series workflow, and it performed admirably. Our Avid workstations were happy working with it over gigabit connections, and it was perfectly suited to serve online media over 8G fiber to our Resolve/finishing station. It was also a very quiet unit, which, for a small production facility, was appreciated. The technical support was fantastic…incredibly responsive. We’d highly recommend QOS Servers to anyone who needs fast, reliable storage with great support

-Ryan Schroder
Producer & Post Production Wizard, Transposition Films

Sixteen 19

Sixteen19, a NY-based rental and finishing house, has used QOS Server for both small and large projects in New York, Los Angeles, and Europe. Disney’s “Tomorrowland” was a large feature produced with two 16-Bay servers that were on the show for over three months.

This was the only server on the show that did not require any servicing during the entire on-location production.

Using the QOS 32-Bay Server on “Barbershop: The Next Cut” allowed Sixteen19 to store the complete workflow, from ingesting and storing, to serving out the RAW transcoded files. Clients also had access to work with and view high and low res data in many remote places around the world.

QOS is the best server company in the business. They are a boutique enough to make servers that work exactly as clients need them to, yet are big enough to deliver when you need equipment in a crunch. They are perfect partners for the high-end features films we at Sixteen19 work on.

-Pete Conlin
Managing Partner


Well-known for his creativity, KINO is an LA-based artist who creates art video and other productions. He purchased a QOS SERVER 8 BAY MINI to do a real-time high resolution showing of one of his 3D art projects and has been consistently using it on other projects as well, such as, “Agatha”, a VR narrative and “The Watertown Horror’, a VR project currently in progress.

The speed of the server is INSANE, and it’s just right to see huge VR frames without compression. The device is practically FAULTLESS…very special, with benefits in several areas. For example, it’s silence makes it priceless in sound applications. It simply works everyday.



Dakota Pictures is a television and feature film production company based in Hollywood, with satellite offices in Montreal and New York. Originally renting a QOS Server 8 Bay server from a rental house, they called QOS to ask if servers were available for purchase. Dakota purchased a QOS 16 Bay Server, which they currently use to store all their RAW 4k footage while editors work on Avid low-res projects. Later, the conforms of the RAW files are pulled for final production. Dakota Pictures is now looking at using the QOS Server Production San Box for complete final conform and colour correction in house to make it easier for the editorial team to complete shows, in addition to saving time and money.

With the large storage capacity, we’re able to store multiple seasons of 4k masters and Avid projects on the same system. Also, with partitions that expand and contract on their own, there’s no need to guess how much space is needed for any given partition. The QOS team is incredibly quick to respond when we run into issues. We’ve had almost no downtime due to QOS Server issues.

-Lincoln Sevier
Head of Post Production

Atlas Digital

Atlas Digital, one of the largest rental houses in LA, has purchased several QOS Servers for online and offline editorial and post productions. Support to the technical staff has been key as they are currently using three QOS 16-Bay Servers and one 8-Bay Server for Avid 4k editorials, as well as for reality TV shows such as “The Bachelor”. Atlas Digital and QOS have worked to maintain a high level of support for their customers, as the servers have stood up to demanding inputs and outputs of shows while being connected to a maximum of 15 servers being utilized 24/7. Atlas Digital also has it’s own online facility that’s in the process of migrating to QOS Storage.

QOS provides a low-footprint, quiet device that provides considerable bandwidth at a cost-effective price point for our 4K workflows.

-Timothy Kachler
Chief Technology Officer

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