/QOS48-XD 48-BAY Server – The QOS Series

QOS48-XD 48-BAY Server – The QOS Series

The QOS 48-Bay is ideal for the media professional working in large format projects that need fast and reliable access on-set.



The QOS 48-Bay drive array system is the perfect blend of performance and affordability. The QOS 48-Bay is ideal for the media professional working in large format projects that need fast and reliable access on-set. The drive enclosure is rubber mounted to protect against shocks. This makes it possible to use it in alternative scenarios to the server room, such as D.I.T./data wrangler carts or mobile data systems, and to gain access to the 48-Bays exceptional performance and capacity from just about anywhere. This is added to many other features designed to make the process of setting up and storing data safe and easy. QOS 48-Bay has many powerful RAID features such as mixed 16, 32GB fibre channel, 10GbE/40GbE and compatibility, soft/silent data corruption correction, data flow controls. It leverages new server technologies to achieve consistent up to 9600GBps internal speed, capable of two 1GBps 4K Uncompressed 10 bit DPX streams, 5K DPX, or high resolution RAW formats from Sony, ARRI, and RED.

The 48-Bay is the most adaptive of the series built with enough storage capacity to run several HD (or 4K) editing projects at once. The internal metadata controller is compatible with shared file systems such as, our own QOS SAN and Project Server or StorNext with up to eight high-speed Fibre or 10Gbit Ethernet users. It can be controlled by an external server as part of a SAN, or can be used either single-user or shared via direct attached with the freedom to add more storage by attaching a QOS 48-Bay expander unit.


  • Supports bin locking for Avid, FCP and Adobe editing workflows.
  • Supports 1GbE, 10GbE, 40GbE and 4,8 and 16/32 Gb Fibre Channel connectivity.
  • Supports file-level sharing (multi-write mode).
  • Unlimited users and workspaces
  • Performance maintained in multi-user write mode.
  • Superior LAN performance with block-level access.
  • Native cross-platform support (no third party software).
  • Automated file system management (auto-defrag).
  • Virtual volume creation with dynamic resizing.
  • Proxy generation for remote access from anywhere.
  • Replication & Tiering module with life-cycle management (HSM).
  • Shock-mounted cases allowing ship servers with drives installed in the server.
  • Raid, independent of hardware components swaps.

Additional information

Drive Bays




Disk Drives

3.5" hot swappable SAS 6/12Gbps

RAID Level



(up to 512GB), 32GB ECC

Real-Time Playback

ARRIRAW, F55, ProRes 444, R3D, Sony F65, Uncompressed 4K DPX, Uncompressed 4K Quicktime, Uncompressed 5K DPX, Uncompressed 5K Quicktime, Uncompressed DPX, Uncompressed Quicktime

Data Rate

Up to 8500mbps internally

PCIe Expansion Slots

Four PCIe X8, One PCIe X4, PCIe 3.0 slots available, Two PCIe X16

Physical Requirments

Rackmount shelf: 3RU 19" (48.3 cm) half-width rack-mount

Electrical Requirements

Power: 90V to 264V (50 and 60 Hz Auto Switching)

Environmental Requirements

8 to 42°C, Humidity: 85% or less

System Compatiibility

Apple OS X 10.6 or higher, Linux, Microsoft Server 2008/2012, Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10


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