/Production San Box – The QOS Series

Production San Box – The QOS Series

IMAGINE a SAN and High-Speed Computer System combined into one box that can do on-set transcoding, editorial SAN, and or post-production and even deliverables. QOS Server wants to help our customers reclaim the art and craft of filmmaking by bringing this creative process into the digital domain allowing freedom, speed and stability in today’s stressful world of production.



You and your workflow decide which applications you require with the ability of being able to run a number of the following applications: Color front (OSD) dailies, MTI Film ( Cortex) dailies, Scratch (dailies , finishing and Color correction, Black magic (Resolve) dailies, finishing, color correction and Adobe (Premiere) finishing and color correction. Our SAN software also allows Connecting and sharing with other clients to do editorial with Avid, Adobe and FC running low and high-res files. Finally, a production system that no longer requires endless copying to and from portable drives thus allowing you to sit back and create while our technology does the overtime.

  • Cooling:
[PSB] do not require dedicated air-conditioned environments
– Patent pending Advanced drive Heat Sink Technol- ogy
– Ultra Green Low Power Consumption
– Anti vibration shock system
  • Rugged:
    – Individual shock mounted hard-drive enclosure- Drive protection crossbar
    – Key lock system
  • Quiet:
    – Ultra-Quiet design- Quick Swap PS System
  • Workflow:
    – User-Friendly UI- HDD and or SSD
    – Combination of HDD & SSD In One Server Chassis
    – Easy to deploy System
  • Additional information

    Drive Bays

    16/32 3.5Inch or 24/48 2.5Inch



    Disk Drives

    3.5"/2.5" Hot swappable 6GB SAS or 12GB SAS

    RAID Level

    RAID 6


    Dual Intel Xeon 14Core


    GUI: K4200, Processing: NVidia K6000 or M6000


    Dual 10GbE Network Adapter


    128GB ECC (Up to 1TB)

    Real-Time Playback

    ARRIRAW, R3D, Uncompressed QuickTime / DPX, ProRes444,

    Data Rate

    2900/Up to SSD 8000MBps Internally

    PCIe Expansion Slots

    Five PCIe 3.0 X16, One PCIe 2.0 X4, Two PCIe 3.0 X8

    Physical Requirments

    Rack mount shelf: 7.5 RU x 26Inch deep

    Operating System

    Windows 10 Professional


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